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What is Artory?
Artory is a what’s on app for culture in Plymouth. It allows you to create a personal planner of events you wish to attend, check in, and leave feedback. Leaving feedback earns you Art Miles® to exchange for exclusive offers at venues across Plymouth. Artory is developed and managed by a collaboration of leading cultural organisations in Plymouth.
What type of phone do I need?
Artory is available for iPhone and Android via the App Store or Google Play (iOS7+ and Android 4.0+).
Why do I need to create a profile?
Visitor information is used anonymously in grant applications and reports to the Arts Council. By filling in your profile you could be directly helping to get funding to bring more culture to Plymouth.
How do I redeem offers?
To redeem an offer, you need to visit the venue which is running the offer. Navigate to My Art Miles and select the offer you wish to redeem.

  1. Take your phone to the till point.
  2. Ask to redeem your Artory offer.
  3. Press the ‘redeem offer’ button.
  4. Scan the QR code provided by the venue staff
  5. This will generate your receipt – show this to the venue staff who will then be able to give you your offer.
What services do I need to use Artory?
You need to have access to wifi or mobile internet (3G or 4G). If you wish to check into venues to gain more Art Miles you will need to switch on the location services on your phone.
I have a problem with Artory - who do I contact for help?
You can get in contact with us at our email address: and we will put you through to our technical team. If you could also let us know what device you are using and send any screenshots of the issue it really helps us solve problems. We will also give you some Art Miles for your trouble!
How secure is my data and how does Artory use my personal data?
Artory communicates with the Artory Engine over a secure and encrypted HTTPS connection using the best industry standards. All your data is stored in an encrypted database, and responses are anonymised before our partners are allowed to see them. Your data will never be sold to or used by third parties. Your email address is only used to send password resets and welcome emails, and we will ask for your permission through the app if we would like to send you anything else. We will use it if you contact us for support to find your account and help diagnose any issues. Your email address will not be given to the partner organisations. Passwords are stored using a best practice “salt and hash” algorithm, which means we can not read them at any point. If you register with Facebook, we store your email and an unique token to allow us to recognise it’s you. We don’t take anything else from your Facebook account. All profile questions are opt-in. You don’t have to answer any to use Artory. This information is used to allow our partner organisations to look at demographics of users, and is anonymised. You can currently interact with a partner organisation on Artory in a few ways. You can check in to one of their venues, leave feedback on their event, redeem an offer, add an event to your calendar or click through to buy tickets to an event. This will inform the engine that you have interacted with that organisation, and will add your profile question responses to their break down of demographics. Any feedback you leave through Artory is shared with the organisation about the event, and is combined together to give us a bigger picture. We only use the GPS to help you to check into venues and find events nearby – we do not record any of this data. You can request a copy of this data at any time. Please contact us through our email:
How do I unsubscribe from Artory?
You can unsubscribe at anytime. We will remove your data from the system and let you know when it’s done. To start the process, please enter you email address on this page: and we will contact you with the next steps. You will get an email to confirm with the technical team, and they will ensure your data is removed completely. You can also have a copy of this data if you would like it.
Who can I contact for further information?
Please send an email to us at


How do I list a temporary event?

We are happy to list temporary arts and culture events in Artory at cost of £10 per event. Please complete the following Artory Temporary Event Form and send through to: Please note that these events can only be uploaded on a Wednesday and we need submissions by the Monday before. It’s best to let us know about your event as soon as you can to get the best coverage in Artory.

How do I join Artory?
If you would like your venue to be listed on Artory, please send us a message at We will then get in touch to arrange a meeting with you. You can also download a pdf guide to Artory here.
How much does it cost per annum?
It depends on the size of your organisation. Large organisations include Higher Education and Local Authority; Medium includes companies and NPOs up to £100k turnover. Small organisations include non NPOs up to £100k turnover.

Artory is available now

Download for your smartphone and start collecting Art Miles®